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Micro Bubble Bath - deep cleaning system

The skin is the largest organ of the dog's body and also acts like a third kidney. Therefore we need to take care of the most important part of the body. Micro bubbles are the all natural way to clean using Mother Nature's strongest element: Water.

Dog enjoying fur trimming at Salon de Momo dog wash Gold Coast       Diagram of size of micro bubbles        Dog enjoying fur trimming at Salon de Momo dog wash Gold Coast       Dog enjoying fur trimming at Salon de Momo dog wash Gold Coast

No scrubbing, rubbing, shampoos or chemicals are used. This gentle yet thorough cleansing system is great for all kinds of dogs but especially those with skin conditions such as canine atopic dermatitis, eumycetes, demodex canis and seborrhea. It's also thought to be effective against muscle fatigue caused by lumbago or arthralgia.

A micro bubble dog wash gives your pet the benefits of skin oxygenation, negative ions and total relaxation while you get peace of mind that your pet is getting the gentlest, most natural cleaning.

All natural and therapeutic way to care

Micro bubbles are 1/100 the size of ordinary water bubbles and they are formed by utlising the air in water. Less than 1 micron in size, air bubbles produce an amazing cleaning power. Micro bubbles infiltrate the pores of the skin and take the dirt, impurities and bacteria out of the pores, cleansing the skin, leaving it silky smooth and giving the hair a lustrous shine.

Skin and hair remain moisturised because the balance of water and sebum (natural body oil) on the skin's surface is controlled. Old sebum (which has odour-causing bacteria) and dead keratin (out skin and hair cells) are cleaned away.

Amazing power of micro bubbles

Skin oxygenation

Improved skin oxygenation stimulates the healing process of damaged skin. Each micro bubble delivers an amazing amount of oxygen to your pet's skin. The massaging effect caused by the popping bubbles also promotes blood circulation, bringing more oxygen to the skin from within as well.

Benefit of negative ions

Micro bubbles produce negative ions more than 10 times that of forests and waterfalls. Negative ions are essential for our health and wellbeing since they serve as air purifiers by killing bacteria and other harmful organisms, and are widely credited with enhancing the immune system, speeding recovery, promoting relaxation, reducing stress and fatigue and boosting serotonin levels ('happy' neurotransmitters).

Total relaxation

Your dog will be placed in a warm tub of water which will be filled with so many micro bubbles that the water will look milky white. Your pet just stands in the tub and lets the micro bubbles do all the work. As the micro bubbles pop, they create gentle massaging vibrations, relaxing your pet.